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"A wonderful entertainment.  A throughly readable and appealingly eccentric book."  The Times

"A boldly unique...beautiful story beautifully told...with a brilliantly teased out sense of dread." Culturefly

"A wild-eyed road trip, filled with colourful characters, crazy anecdotes, sparky dialogue. A faster,  bigger tale than The Aftermath, Brook’s writing remains as considered and enchanting as ever. And it’s funny too, which is always a wonderful thing." Jane Graham.  Best upcoming reads of 2018. The Big Issue.

'An exuberant, coming-of-age romp…[a] bittersweet comedy of sentimental education…larger-than-life fun’' Daily Mail

"Such a compelling, unusual, character-rich novel, it was a great pleasure to read."  Gerard Woodward (Booker shortlisted novelist). 

"A mixture of thriller and great family saga, told in a rich literary style. Like having all the cakes and eating them. If I condensed my thoughts into one word in would be 'epic'." Joy Kluver (Literary Blogger).

"The Killing of Butterfly Joe comes wrapped in something beautiful, ingenious and rather sinister. Inside you will discover a skilfully plotted tale about butterflies, a deeply dysfunctional family, and a maverick salesman"  Notreallyworking. (Culture Blogger)

 Keira Knightley as Rachael Morgan in The Aftermath

Keira Knightley as Rachael Morgan in The Aftermath

The Aftermath:coming 2018